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  • Platinum Black Catalyst Platinum Nanopowders

    Customized Metal Platinum Black Catalyst Platinum Nanopowders Platinum is one of noble metals, it is one of the best catalyst and antioxidants, nano platinum ( Pt ) with small particles size, strong, safe, stable, reliable, environmentally friendly, non-toxic, tasteless, harmless, can be widely used in biomedical, Catalytic industry, cosmetic etc. 1. Platinum Nanopowders for biomedical  Hydrogen and nano-platinum have a synergistic effect that can be used in conjunction with the treatment of oxidant stress disorders; Studies have shown that platinum nano particle-mediated photo-thermal effect in the treatment of bone metastases in nude mice can be a good inhibition of bone tumor growth and osteolytic bone destruction; Lactic acid bio-sensor based on nano - platinum black modification for rapid detection, etc.  2. Platinum Nanopowders as catalyst  Nano platinum are widely applied in catalyst part, Nano-platinum powder has excellent bio-catalytic activity, it can be applied to polymer hydrogenation, reduction and synthesis. Nano platinum also can be used as fuel cell catalyst, due to its high cost, due to its high cost, now some use nano nickle to replace the platinum, and some are looking for ways to improve nano platinum efficiency as catalyst in fuel cells to save cost. Last year Chinese researches have developed a superfine platinum nanowire catalyst on the surface of the zigzag, greatly increasing the surface activity and specific surface area of the fuel cell catalyst, increasing its overall catalytic activity by more than 50 times. 3. Platinum Nanopowders for cosmetics Platinum nanoparticles , due to its strong oxidation resistance Platinum can effectively remove free radicals in the human body. Play the anti-aging effect and at the same time to achieve whitening bright. Platinum Nanopowders can also be used for food preservative, car exhaust purification, etc. Nano platinum do have a lot of amazing functions, we cannot list its amazing functions one by one though.  If you're interstsed in Platinum Nanopowders, please feel free to contact us as more

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Which is more important, Service Experience and Product Quality for nanomaterials? Which is more important, Service Experience and Product Quality for nanomaterials?

For a long time, we always believe that the quality of products is the foundation for the survival of enterprises. However, some people have succeeded in achieving a leading position in a field by virtue of service experience and the successful model...

BaTiO3 Barium Titanate Nanopowder

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  • BaTiO3 nanoparticles
    BaTiO3 nanoparticles for ceramics
    HW NANO offer good and stable quality BaTiO3 nanoparticles for ceramices
  • Factory price sale ceramic material ultra fine nano Barium titanate powder
    Factory price sale ceramic material ultra fine nano Barium titanate powder
    Factory price sale ceramic material ultra fine nano Barium titanate powder       Ultra-fine powder technology is one of the emerging technologies in the field of high-tech nano materials. Powder refined after the specificity of the material generated function, making it a new technological revolution of the new electronic raw materials.       Firstly, Nano Barium titanate powder is the inorganic compound with the chemical formula BaTiO3. Barium titanate is a white powder and transparent as larger crystals. This titanate is a ferroelectric ceramic material, with a photorefractive effect and piezoelectric properties. It is widely used in capacitors, electromechanical transducers and nonlinear optics.       As is known to all that nano Barium titanate powder (BaTiO3) is a typical ferroelectric material with a high dielectric constant, low dielectric loss and excellent ferroelectric, piezoelectric, and positive temperature coefficient effect. Electrical properties, are widely used in the preparation of high dielectric ceramic capacitors, multilayer ceramic capacitors, PTC thermistor, dynamic random access memory, resonators, ultrasonic detectors, temperature sensors, known as "pillars of electronic ceramics industry".       What’s more, Nano Barium titanate powder is an important basic raw material of electronic ceramic components, high purity ultra-fine barium titanate body is mainly used for dielectric ceramics, sensitive ceramics manufacturing.       Finally, the multilayer ceramic capacitor made of barium titanate powder is widely used in the fields of refrigerator starter, color TV degausser, program-controlled telephones, energy-saving lamps and heaters. The multilayer ceramic capacitors are widely used in large-scale Integrated circuits have been widely used. Hongwu International Group Ltd with HW NANO brand is a leading nanomaterials company involved in all aspects of the business: manufacturing, research and development, processing, supplying and marketing of nanoscale. Metals, Oxides, Carbides & More.  Custom-Manufacturing · Free Consultation · Clearance Products ·  Worldwide Shipping If you are interested in revolutionizing energy and energy storage, then come and talk to us. If you are interested in developing new coductive material with us, get in touch. If you are interested in composites and coatings we would like to hear from you. If you are interested in research of Nano Sensors come and talk to us. if you are interested in nanotechnology and want to use nanomaterials tell us and we will help you. If you have a question about pricing, need a quote, would like to inquire about whether an item is in stock, or require any other assistance in placing an order, please call or e-mail us at
  • Ferroelectric Materials Used BaTio3 Barium Titanate Nanopowder
    Ferroelectric Materials Used BaTio3 Barium Titanate Nanopowder
    Barium titanate is a perovskite-type ferroelectric, with excellent ferroelectric, dielectric, pyroelectric and optoelectronic properties.
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