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Some nanomaterials for Thermochromic Application Some nanomaterials for Thermochromic Application

Thermochromism refers to the phenomenon where a material undergoes color changes under temperature changes. This change is usually caused by changes in the electronic or molecular structure of the material. Its application principle mainly involves t...

Si Silicon Nanoparticles

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The main uses of nano silica fume: 1. It can react with organic substances as the raw material of organic silicon polymer materials. 2. Polysilicon is obtained by purifying metal silicon. 3. Metal surface treatment. 4. Substitute nano carbon powder or graphite as the negative electrode material of lithium battery, which can greatly improve the capacity of lithium battery.
  • Nano Silicon powder 30-50nm 100-200nm - nanomaterial company sale Si nano
    Silicon powder 30-50nm 100-200nm - nanomaterial company sale Si nano
    Silicon powder 30-50nm & 100-200nm, Our hit product and competitive product, can be produced in bulk for meeting customers's demand. The Silicon Nanoparticles possesses high purity, narrow range particle size distribution, good activity and large specific surface area. It is one of our most reliable high quality products. Name: Element Silicon powder  Particle size: 30-50nm, 100-200nm and larger Crystal: Spherical for 30-50nm, and Amorphous for 100-200nm Color: Brown Purity: 99.9%   Nano Silicon powder mainly applications:  Elemental Silicon Nano Powder is a well known and widely used semiconductor negative electrode materials. It is used in semiconductor and electronics industry, LEDs, nanocomposites and memory devices; Semiconductor parts, power parts, integrate circuit and extension underlay; High refractive-index nanocomposites; Light emitters; Nonvolatile memory devices. Nano Silicon powder Storage Conditions:       Damp reunion will affect its dispersion performance and using effects, therefore, this product should be sealed in vacuum and stored in cool and dry room and it should not be exposure to air. In addition, Silicon Nanoparticles should be avoided under stress.  
  • silicon nano powder
    Pure silicon nano powder price for electrode material
    Supply 30-50nm,100-200nm,500nm pure silicon nano powder price for electrode material.
  • Lithium-ion Battery Anode Materials Nano Si Silicon Powder
    Lithium-ion Battery Anode Materials Nano Si Silicon Powder
    Nano Silicon Powder is brownish-yellow powder and have a high purity,spherical shape,mainly used as Lithium-ion Battery Anode Materials.
  • 99.9% Purity Nano Silicon Power
    99.9% Purity Nano Silicon Power Si Nanoparticles
    The nano silicon powder has the characteristics of high purity, small particle size, uniform distribution, large surface area, high surface activity and low bulk density. Nano-silica powder is a new generation of optoelectronic semiconductor materials with a wide gap energy semiconductor and a high-power light source material.
  • silicon nanopowders
    silicon nanopowders 100-200nm Si factory price
    Good and stable Quliaty Silicon nanopowders factory price, 100-200nm amorphous, it can be applied for battery.
  • Silicon nanopowders - industrial material silicon 30-50nm 100-200nm
    Silicon nanopowders - industrial material silicon 30-50nm 100-200nm
    Silicon nanopowders sepcification: 30-50nm 99%+, brown yellow, good spherical 100-200nm 99.9%+,brown black, amorphous 300-500nm 99.9%+,brown black, amorphous 1-2um 99.9+%, dark brown, amorphous Silicon nanopowder properties: High purity, good dispersion performance, small size, uniform distribution, large surface area, high surface activity, low apparent density. Nano Silicon powders is non-toxic, odorless, and with active features. Nano silicon powder is a new material for high capacity lithium battery anodes. Silicon nanopowders use for the rechargeable lithium battery cathode material: Due to the high absorption rate of nanometer silicon and lithium batteries, the nano silicon for lithium can significantly increase the capacity of lithium battery (theory can reach 4000mA / h). Nano silicon powder and graphite replace the nano carbon powder as raw materials for the lithium anode material, use the mechanical milling method for preparing the best ratio of silicon / graphite composites, silicon and graphite, which is 1:9. Composition Si-C composite material, can effectively reduce the expansion when silicon absorption lithium ions, increase the affinity with the electrolytic solution, and easily dispersed and can improve the cycle performance. Nano silicon nanowires made of silicon powder used in rechargeable lithium battery anode material in or on the surface of the nano silicon powder coated graphite anode materials used in rechargeable lithium battery, rechargeable lithium batteries can be improved more than three times the capacity and charge-discharge cycles.
  • Silicon nano
    Silicon nano technology reforming graphite cathode lithium batteries
    Silicon nano technology reforming graphite cathode lithium batteries       Cathode technology of the existing lithium batteries has reached the limit. In order to meet the needs of a new generation of energy, the development of new cathode technology of lithium batteries is imminent. Silicon cathode, with the ultra-high specific capacity and rich reserves, has become one of the most representative new technology.     Compared to the traditional graphite cathode, a major obstacle to the Silicon cathode technology on the road of industrialization is that low gel content cause unsatisfactory effect of electrode mixing.     On account of this, some researchers integrated graphite cathode technology and Silicon nano technology and have developed a new and can be mass-produced C- nano Si- graphite composite cathode materials. During the lithiation process, Si nanoshells can be expanded as the volume change. No matter nano-Si hollow shell in the graphite , or a nano-Si intermediate layer between the graphite and carbon, it can keep the shape intact and not be broken or left over between Si and graphite. This special structure, on the one hand to ensure compatibility between the Si and natural graphite, on the other hand avoid the severe side effects caused by traditional mechanical mixing graphite powder and residual Silicon particles.     Silicon Nano Powder is generally immediately available here with particle size 30-50nm,100-200nm,300-500nm,1um. Chinese Hongwu International Group LTD with HW NANO brand can produce most materials in high purity forms and ultrafine particle size. We can also produce materials to custom specifications by request, in addition to custom compositions for commercial and research applications and new proprietary technologies. Typical and custom packaging is available, can provide related data including SEM,TEM,COA,MSDS. Please contact us at above for information on specifications, lead time and pricing. by Corrine
  • Nanoparticles silicon(SI)
    High purity Nanoparticles silicon(SI) with 30nm-1um customized size
    Find best qualtiy high purity Nanoparticles silicon(SI),Spherical customized size powder from Hongwu INTERNATIONAL GROUP LTD.
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