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Some nanomaterials for Thermochromic Application Some nanomaterials for Thermochromic Application

Thermochromism refers to the phenomenon where a material undergoes color changes under temperature changes. This change is usually caused by changes in the electronic or molecular structure of the material. Its application principle mainly involves t...

Zinc Oxide (ZnO) Nanowires

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Zinc oxide Zno nanowire/nanorods have many special properties and new applications in catalysis, photoelectric, antibacterial  and magnetic fields. Feel free to contact us for getting TDS,SEM, ect. In stock & Worldwide shipping.
  • ZnO nanowire
    ZnO nanowire ( ZnO-NW)for antibacterial, catalyst, sensors, etc
    HONGWU NANO factory direct offer Zic Oxide Nanowires. can be applied for catalyse, antibacterial, sensors, etc.
  • zinc oxide nanowires
    China HW ZNO NWs zinc oxide nanowires for sensor material
    Zinc Oxide nanowires/ZnO NWs, as an ideal material for the preparation of a Schottky contact type devices. Hongwu nanometer is professional manufacturer, supplier and exporter in china for nano materials in china. Our ZNO zinc oxide nanowires specification as follows: 1. D<100nm,L>5um,99.9%                2. D:100-200nm,L>1um,99.9%                          As nucleic acid detection is more and more widely applied to genotyping technology, clinical diagnostics and biomedical research and other fields, the traditional optical detection and real-time PCR technology have some disadvantages, such as high cost, no longer can meet the demand that the devices require the testing with high cost-effective, high speed and high sensitivity. By contrast, the one-dimensional material represented by the unmarked detection device, because of a high specific surface area, can offer the possibility for low-cost, simple and effective DNA testing. FET based on semiconductor nanowires is such a great potential device. Wherein, changing the metal - semiconductor interface of Schottky barrier height(SBH)can modulate device performance, which is a hotspot for researchers.        Zinc Oxide nanowires/ZnO NWs with excellent semiconductor and piezoelectric performance, is an ideal material for the preparation of a Schottky contact type devices. Researchers of the National Center for Nanoscience and other institutions made use of exerting external strains on Zinc Oxide nanowires to produce piezoelectric potential. Then on the basis of piezoelectric effect, the potential can be increased or decreased the effect of SBH link interface the carrier transportation, so that change the properties of nanowire-based devices. In addition, making specific hybridization between probe complementary target cDNA and nanowire adsorbed single-stranded DNA (the ssDNA), the device can achieve selective detection function.       The experimental results of this work showed that, when the compressive strain applied to the Zinc Oxide nanowire-based DNA sensor became -0.59%, the relative value of the current response increased by 454%. This fully illustrated that the modified method using a piezoelectric device electronics effect can significantly improve the detection performance of the Schottky contact type ZnO nanowire based DNA sensor.
  • ZNO nanowires
    One-dimension material zinc oxide ZNO nanowires for Antibacterial use
    ZnO nanowires is available for two spec: one is D <100nm,L >5um, widely used in antibacterial application and sensor field.min order is 1g, worldwide shipping.
  • Zinc Oxide Nanowires / Nanorods
    Sensitive Materials Used High Active Zinc Oxide Nanowires / Nanorods
    Zinc oxide nanowires could supply the diameter <100nm, length >5um length, widely used as a sensitve materials.
  • Zinc Oxide ZnO Nanorods
    Semiconductor Materials Zinc Oxide ZnO Nanorods for sale
    Zinc Oxide ZnO Nanorods have high mechanical strength, high luminescence efficiency, low laser emission threshold, high chemical stability,widely used in catalysis, photoelectric, magnetic and sensitive fields.
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