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Nanoparticles for anti-wear lubricant additives

  • August 9,2022.

In the past ten years, the phenomenon and products of adding additives to lubricating oil on the market have been increasing day by day, and some new theories have also been put forward, especially the development of nanotechnology and the application of nanomaterial, such as nano metal anti-wear agent, nano metal repair agent, pure hydrocarbon nano anti-wear agent and various nano lubricating oil.

The anti-wear and anti-friction properties of nanoparticles are closely related to the type, structure, size and surface treatment materials of nanoparticles. There are many theories about the anti-wear and friction-reducing mechanism of nanoparticles. The more consistent views are:

(1) During the friction process, under the conditions of high temperature and high pressure, the nanoparticles have a strong adsorption force, and a layer of deposition film is formed on the friction contact surface, which can greatly improve the bearing capacity. Once the lubricating oil leaks, the deposited film on its contact surface can play a lubricating role in an emergency.

(2) Under frictional conditions, the nanoparticle lattice will slip, making its contact surface act like a "ball", and some nanoparticles themselves are spherical, which can turn sliding friction into partial rolling friction, forming The compound friction of sliding friction and rolling friction greatly reduces the friction coefficient.

(3) Under friction conditions, the nanoparticles and the friction surface form a chemical reaction film, and the nanoparticles have a self-healing effect on the surface of the friction pair, which greatly improves the anti-wear extreme pressure capability of the friction surface.

Studies have shown that nanoparticles can significantly improve anti-wear and anti-friction performance; suitable for various working conditions such as high temperature, heavy load, low speed and other conditions; both liquid lubrication and solid lubrication; The surface of the friction pair has a self-healing effect. Therefore, the anti-friction, anti-wear and extrusion effects of nano lubricating oil, as well as the surface repair function of friction pair, have the functions of reducing friction coefficient, reducing or avoiding wear, repairing worn defects, increasing cylinder pressure, and significantly reducing fuel consumption, are promising technology.

In order to develop new varieties of lubricating oil and improve the quality of lubricating oil, in order to save energy and improve the environment, choose some new lubricating oil anti-wear agents to replace traditional lubricating oil anti-wear agents or improve its lubricant or improve its lubricating performance is very necessary. But there is a problem here, whether adding these additives will change the original performance of the lubricating oil, this is the key. Therefore, the principle that we adhere to in our research is that the premise of adding something to the lubricating oil is not to destroy other properties of the lubricating oil.

(1) Organic molybdenum anti-wear agent: The use of organic molybdenum additives and ZDDP has a good anti-wear and anti-friction synergistic effect. Adding organic molybdenum anti-wear agent to the lubricating oil can reduce the amount of ZDDP, which can not only reduce the content of sulfur and phosphorus, but also Improving the anti-wear and anti-friction properties of lubricating oil is also conducive to the improvement of the environment.

(2) Solid lubricants containing ultra-fine powder: such as ultra-fine mos2 molybdenum disulfide, PTFE, boron nitride, diamond and other particles, which are evenly and stably suspended in the base oil, which can become a good lubricant resistance. abrasive.

(3) Nano-lubricating oil anti-wear agent: such as nano-copper, nano-boron nitride, nano-diamond, etc.Nano-lubricant anti-wear agent has better anti-wear and anti-friction effect than micron anti-wear agent.

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