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Some nanomaterials for Thermochromic Application Some nanomaterials for Thermochromic Application

Thermochromism refers to the phenomenon where a material undergoes color changes under temperature changes. This change is usually caused by changes in the electronic or molecular structure of the material. Its application principle mainly involves t...

Bi Bismuth Nanoparticles

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Application fields of nano-bismuth powder: 1. Metal nano-lubricating additive: Add 0.1~0.3% nano-bismuth powder to the grease to form a self-lubricating and self-healing film on the surface of the friction pair during the friction process, which significantly improves the performance of the grease. 2. Metallurgical industry: Nano-bismuth powder can be used as an additive for cast iron, steel and aluminum alloy to improve the free cutting performance of the alloy. 3. Magnetic materials: The thermal neutron absorption cross section of bismuth is very small, the melting point is low, and the boiling point is high. It can be used as a heat transfer medium in nuclear reactors. 4. Other applications.
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