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Some nanomaterials for Thermochromic Application Some nanomaterials for Thermochromic Application

Thermochromism refers to the phenomenon where a material undergoes color changes under temperature changes. This change is usually caused by changes in the electronic or molecular structure of the material. Its application principle mainly involves t...

Hongwu International Group Ltd,  has set up a specific laboratory to perform testing on nanopowders. The equipment available allows  to perform a complete characterization of nanoparticles and nano-composite materials, in order to guarantee and certify the quality of the raw materials used.

Hongw International Group Ltd provides R&D, customized, production and selling of nano materials,include: elements nanopowders, Sic whisker/powder, nano oxides, nanowires, carbon nanotubes, graphene and so on.

Testing types on nanopowders

XRD Analysis:

Composition of nanomaterial being tested (including degree of purity, known impurities or additives)
Crystalline phase
Crystallite size 

Basic morphology 
Particle size distribution-in dry form
TEM Analysis:
Representative Electron Microscopy (TEM) picture(s)
Particle size distribution – in dry form

SSA analysis: specific surface area of the test is ultra-fine powder material, in particular nano-powders of the most important properties, is important for evaluating the physical properties of their activity, adsorption, catalytic and other properties.

HW NANO materials, With more than 8 years production experience,continuous reform and innovation,now we have a mature production line, special for Sic whisker/powder, precious metal powders, silver nanowires, carbon nanotubes, nano metal alloy powders. Powders with high quality, resonable price, popular sell to all over the world.

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