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  • Platinum Black Catalyst Platinum Nanopowders

    Customized Metal Platinum Black Catalyst Platinum Nanopowders Platinum is one of noble metals, it is one of the best catalyst and antioxidants, nano platinum ( Pt ) with small particles size, strong, safe, stable, reliable, environmentally friendly, non-toxic, tasteless, harmless, can be widely used in biomedical, Catalytic industry, cosmetic etc. 1. Platinum Nanopowders for biomedical  Hydrogen and nano-platinum have a synergistic effect that can be used in conjunction with the treatment of oxidant stress disorders; Studies have shown that platinum nano particle-mediated photo-thermal effect in the treatment of bone metastases in nude mice can be a good inhibition of bone tumor growth and osteolytic bone destruction; Lactic acid bio-sensor based on nano - platinum black modification for rapid detection, etc.  2. Platinum Nanopowders as catalyst  Nano platinum are widely applied in catalyst part, Nano-platinum powder has excellent bio-catalytic activity, it can be applied to polymer hydrogenation, reduction and synthesis. Nano platinum also can be used as fuel cell catalyst, due to its high cost, due to its high cost, now some use nano nickle to replace the platinum, and some are looking for ways to improve nano platinum efficiency as catalyst in fuel cells to save cost. Last year Chinese researches have developed a superfine platinum nanowire catalyst on the surface of the zigzag, greatly increasing the surface activity and specific surface area of the fuel cell catalyst, increasing its overall catalytic activity by more than 50 times. 3. Platinum Nanopowders for cosmetics Platinum nanoparticles , due to its strong oxidation resistance Platinum can effectively remove free radicals in the human body. Play the anti-aging effect and at the same time to achieve whitening bright. Platinum Nanopowders can also be used for food preservative, car exhaust purification, etc. Nano platinum do have a lot of amazing functions, we cannot list its amazing functions one by one though.  If you're interstsed in Platinum Nanopowders, please feel free to contact us as more

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Nano silver antibacterial dispersion

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  • Nano colloidal silver
    Antimicrobial Nano colloidal silver 100ppm-10000ppm
    Nano colloidal silver <20nm 100ppm-10000ppm  Concentration: 100ppm to 10000ppm and can be customized Particle size: <20nm, also can be customized Silver purity: 99.99% Solvent: deionized water or other organic solvent Package: 100ml / bottle, 500ml / bottle, 1L / drums etc, we can also pack it as needed. Features: safe, environmentally friendly, non – toxic, tasteless, convenient to use. Customize service for special particle size, dispersion, coating, etc are available, welcome to inquiry. Silver nanoparticles are well known for their antimicrobial properties. It can be used as an antibacterial and disinfectant. Addition of very small amounts of silver nanopowder (~0,1%) into different inorganic matrises makes those materials effective for killing pathogenic microorganisms like Escherichia Coli, Staphylococcus Aurous, etc. In addition to the silver colloids, there are nano silver powders to supply. Our packing is as follows:
  • transparent antibacterial dispersion
    transparent antibacterial dispersion ( nano Ag )
    This transparent antibacterial dispersion use nano Ag to run the antibacterial effect, solution we use is deionized water.
  • Nano Silver Antibacterial Dispersion/Solution
    Nano Silver Antibacterial Dispersion/Solution
    [Description] Nano silver antibacterial  dispersion, nanometer silver solution, Colorless transparent nanometer silver antibacterial agent [size] 20 nm - 100 nm, or according to customer requirements [Solid Content] 300 ppm, 500-600 ppm, 1000 ppm, 2000 ppm, 5000 ppm, 10000 ppm, or according to customer's requirements [Properties] Good stability, antibacterial endurance, no resistance, no irritating smell, easy to use, potent antibacterial, non-toxic, etc. Broad-spectrum sterilization, in a few minutes it can kill more than 650 kinds of bacteria, which is fast and efficient, can rapidly combine with bacterial cell walls/film and make enzyme lose activity. [Application] 1. Articles for daily use: can be used for all kinds of textiles, clothing, bedding, clothing, underwear, socks, carpet, paper products, soap, facial mask and scrub supplies. 2. Chemical building materials: nano silver dispersion can be added to the waterborne paint, printing ink, paint, solid liquid paraffin, various kinds of organic solvent (inorganic), etc. 3. Medical and health care: medical rubber hose, medical gauze, women topical antibacterial medicines and health products. 4. Ceramic products: it can be used as nano silver antibacterial tableware, sanitary ware, etc. 5. Plastic products: silver nanoparticles can be added to the PE, PP, PC, PET, ABS etc. Various kinds of plastic products realize the antibacterial function. [Storage] Placed in a cool, dry place, storage period of five years.
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