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Factory directly sale Gold nanoparticles aqueous solution


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Factory directly sale Gold nanoparticles aqueous solution

Hwnanomaterial mass produce and supply Gold nanoparticles aqueous solution, nano gold colloid, Factory directly sale, choose us now for great offer.

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Gold nanoparticles, the particle size of 20 nm - 1 um all can be customized production, the purity of 99.99%, the appearance of the 20 nm are dark brown powder.

Gold nanoparticles aqueous solution, using gold nanoparticles dispersed in water, forming stable homogeneous solution, the color is wine red, rather than the gold.

Gold nanoparticles aqueous solution has the following features:
1. Appearance: wine red transparent liquid.
2. The particle size of 20 nm.
3. Non-toxic tasteless safe and reliable.
4. The concentration can be configured according to the requirements.
5. Efficient catalysis, removing free radicals effect, antibacterial antioxidant ability.

Gold nanoparticles application:
1. The food, glass, the stain of the organism.
2. Analysis of DNA, used for the determination of genetic.
3. Used for invironmental purification products.
4. Used in food, cosmetics preservatives.
5. Added gold nanoparticles to the cosmetics it has the effect of whitening, anti-aging, skin moisten.
6. Production of antibacterial, bacteriostasis, counter drugs, medical devices, health supplies, beauty care equipment.

Gold nanoparticles aqueous solution

Hongwu International Group Ltd with HW NANO brand is a leading nanomaterials company involved in all aspects of the business: manufacturing, research and development, processing, supplying and marketing of nanoscale.

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