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Nano Ruthenium Dioxide(RuO2) used in Heating Resistor


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Nano Ruthenium Dioxide(RuO2) used in Heating Resistor

  • September 19,2022.

The main materials of the heating resistor are conductive substances and insulating substances. The conductive material is thermally stable and can be made into fine powder, so ruthenium oxide is usually used. Since the insulating material and the conductive material have similar diffusibility to the thermal expansion coefficient of the substrate, lead borosilicate glass is usually used. The average particle size of ruthenium oxide is extremely small, as described in conventional heating resistor body references.

To control the particle size of nano ruthenium dioxide of the heating resistor, in order to improve the thermal conductivity of the heating resistor, monodisperse small particles are mixed between the monodisperse large particles of ruthenium oxide, and the thermal conductivity is improved by increasing the filling rate. Since the particles with a large particle size and the small size one are mixed, the small particles enter the gaps between the large particles, the gaps are reduced, and they are densely filled with each other. In this way, depending on the mixing ratio of large and small particles, the filling rate can vary greatly in space.

In the case of only small particles, a space is formed between the particles, and the state is not dense. In the case of only large particles, spaces are formed between the particles, and the state is not dense. Experiments show that the filling rate is the highest when the mixing ratio of small RuO2 particles is 39% and that of large particles is 61%. That is, the densely filled combination has the highest filling rate and the strongest resistance to electricity.

Ruthenium oxide is a substance that exhibits properties close to metal, and has a thermal conductivity of 5 6 W/mK, making it extremely easy to conduct heat. On the other hand, glass that is an insulating material, such as lead borosilicate glass, has a thermal conductivity of about 1-2 W/m K, which is less than a tenth of that of ruthenium oxide, and has extremely low thermal conductivity, making it difficult to conduct heat.

The more ruthenium dioxide with high thermal conductivity (the higher the filling rate), the better the heat dissipation properties of the generated heat. It is conceivable that due to the good heat dissipation, the power resistance value of glass melting and destruction is high. On the other hand, when the filling rate of ruthenium oxide is low, there are many glass components with low thermal conductivity, and as a result, the heat dissipation is deteriorated and the glass is easily soluble and the power resistance is lowered. It is conceivable that the greater the proportion of large particles, the less contact with the particles, the sparser the resistance circuit network of conductive ruthenium oxide, and the greater the change in the resistance value of the pulse trimming resistance.

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