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  • Platinum Black Catalyst Platinum Nanopowders

    Customized Metal Platinum Black Catalyst Platinum Nanopowders Platinum is one of noble metals, it is one of the best catalyst and antioxidants, nano platinum ( Pt ) with small particles size, strong, safe, stable, reliable, environmentally friendly, non-toxic, tasteless, harmless, can be widely used in biomedical, Catalytic industry, cosmetic etc. 1. Platinum Nanopowders for biomedical  Hydrogen and nano-platinum have a synergistic effect that can be used in conjunction with the treatment of oxidant stress disorders; Studies have shown that platinum nano particle-mediated photo-thermal effect in the treatment of bone metastases in nude mice can be a good inhibition of bone tumor growth and osteolytic bone destruction; Lactic acid bio-sensor based on nano - platinum black modification for rapid detection, etc.  2. Platinum Nanopowders as catalyst  Nano platinum are widely applied in catalyst part, Nano-platinum powder has excellent bio-catalytic activity, it can be applied to polymer hydrogenation, reduction and synthesis. Nano platinum also can be used as fuel cell catalyst, due to its high cost, due to its high cost, now some use nano nickle to replace the platinum, and some are looking for ways to improve nano platinum efficiency as catalyst in fuel cells to save cost. Last year Chinese researches have developed a superfine platinum nanowire catalyst on the surface of the zigzag, greatly increasing the surface activity and specific surface area of the fuel cell catalyst, increasing its overall catalytic activity by more than 50 times. 3. Platinum Nanopowders for cosmetics Platinum nanoparticles , due to its strong oxidation resistance Platinum can effectively remove free radicals in the human body. Play the anti-aging effect and at the same time to achieve whitening bright. Platinum Nanopowders can also be used for food preservative, car exhaust purification, etc. Nano platinum do have a lot of amazing functions, we cannot list its amazing functions one by one though.  If you're interstsed in Platinum Nanopowders, please feel free to contact us as more

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Silicon carbide is an important non-oxide ceramic which has diverse industrial applications. It has high hardness and strength, chemical and thermal stability, high melting point, oxidation resistance, high erosion  resistance, in other words, h...

Oxides Nanoparticles

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  • blue nano tungsten oxide
    Blue Nano Tungsten Oxide Powder 50nm WO2.9 Nanoparticle
    Hongwu International Group Ltd supplys blue, yellow, purple tungsten oxide nanopowder, both in 50nm size with 99.9%purity. Cs0.33WOx nanopowder is also available.
  • 50nm tungsten oxide
    50nm Tungsten Oxide Nanopowder Yellow Blue Purple
    Hongwu International Group Ltd produces tungsten oxide nanopowder with 50nm size, 99.9%purity in yellow, blue and purple color. Hongwu Nano, nano materials expert since 2002.
  • 20-30nm ZnO
    Ceramic used Zinc Oixde Nanoparticle 20-30nm ZnO
    Hongwu Nano supply 20-30nm ZnO nanopowder in spherical shape, and ZnO nanowires are also available. Besides powders form, dispersion can be customized too.
  • gamma Al2O3 nanopowder
    Gamma 20-30 nm Alumina Nanopowder Used for Catalyst Carrier
    Hongwu International Group Ltd supply 20-30nm gamma Al2O3 manopowder with 99.99%purity, which is mostly used for catalysis.
  • Separator Coating Alumina Nanopowder
    Li-ion Battery Separator Coating Alumina Nanopowder alpha Al2O3 Nanoparticle
    Hongwu Nano supply high purity 4N Al2O3 nanopowder in alpha and gamma phase, both powder and dispersion forms are available. 
  • Thermal Conductive Material Magnesia Nanoparticles
    Thermal Conductive Material Magnesia Nanoparticles for plastic industry
    In high crystallinity matrix resin, adding materials with high thermal conductivity is the most effective method to improve plastic thermal conductivity.The thermal conductive filler is refined and even nano size is made, which not only has little effect on mechanical properties, but also improves thermal conductivity. With the addition of nanometer magnesium oxide Magnesia Nanoparticles of high purity, good whiteness, small particle size and uniform particle size, the thermal conductivity is made up of ordinary 33W/(m).K) raised above 36W/(m. K). It can be used in PA, PBT, PET, ABS, PP, organic silicone, coating and other materials to play the role of thermal conduction. Thermal conductive agent: this product has excellent thermal conductivity, suitable for thermal interface materials, such as thermal plastic, thermal resin castable, thermal silicone, thermal powder coating, functional thermal conductive paint and various functional polymer products. The thermal conductivity can reach 3.4w/m.k. when 80% high-purity nanometer magnesium oxide is added into PPS. When 70% aluminum trioxide is added, the thermal conductivity can reach 2.392W/m.K. Notice: Nano Materials have lots of applications that we canot list one by one. And the applications we listed is theorically available according to characteristics of certain Nano Material and researches. For practical applications we would strongly advise you to have sample for testing. Thanks. 
  • Rutile TIO2 Nanoparticulate
    Rutile TIO2 Nanoparticulate for automotive painting
    To mix Rutile TIO2 nanoparticulate with aluminum powder or the mica pearlescent pigment coated nano titanium dioxide,when being added to the automobile painting it will produce a mysterious and changeable effect.
  • copper oxide nanoparticles dispersion
    CUO copper oxide nanoparticles dispersion
     Copper Oxide Nanoparticle dispersions are suspensions of CUO nanoparticles in water.Price friendly and quality guaranteed.
  • Zinc Oxide Nanoparticle  / Nanopowders  (ZnO, 99.8%, 20-30 nm)
    Zinc Oxide Nanoparticle / Nanopowders (ZnO, 99.8%, 20-30 nm)
      Zinc Oxide Nanoparticles (ZnO) particle size: 20-30nm Zinc Oxide Nanoparticles (ZnO) purity: 99.8% Zinc Oxide Nanoparticles (ZnO) appearance color: white solid powder Zinc Oxide Nanoparticles (ZnO) Morphology: nearly spherical  Zinc Oxide Nanoparticles (ZnO) packing: 1kg per bag, 5kg per drum, 10kg per drum. Zinc Oxide Nanoparticles (ZnO) ralated nanomaterials: aluminum doped zinc oxide/zinc aluminum oxide/AZO;Zno nanowires   Zinc Oxide Nanoparticle Applied in Various Fields.           Compared with ordinary zinc oxide,besides the nature of ordinary ZnO, Nano ZnO has many other excellent performance. At present the main application areas are rubber products, high-grade paint, ink and paint, sunscreen and anti-ultraviolet fabric, sewage treatment,etc.   1. Nano Zinc Oxide in Rubber Industry         ZnO nanopowder is the most effective inorganic active agent and vulcanization accelerator in rubber industry.  Nano Zinc Oxide with small particle size, larege specific surface area, good dispersion, loose, porous, good liquidity and good affinity with rubber, easily dispersed whilc melting, low heat plastic material, breaking small deformation , good elasticity, can improve the material process performance and physical properties, thus it's used in the manufacture of high-speed wear-resistant rubber products, such as aircraft tires, high-class passenger car radial tire, with performance of anti-aging, anti-friction fire, long life, and greatly improves finish, mechanical strength, temperature and aging resistance of rubber products,especially wear resistance.  In addition, Zinc Oxide nano as a vulcanization system in the rubber system, whose additive is high.The large specific gravity and  filling amount of ordinary ZnO, whose influence on its material density, product life and energy consumption is detrimental. However, the use of Nano grade Zinc Oxide, the amountis only 30% -50% compared to the ordinary one,which reduces the cost of production, and the performance in the tensile properties, heat, aging, etc are far superior to ordinary zinc oxide powder.   2. Nano Zinc Oxide in Ceramic industry         Because of very small particle size, large specific surface area and high chemical properties,nano ZnO can significantly lower the sintering densification of materials, save energy, make the ceramic material composition densification, homogenization, improve the performance of ceramic materials, the reliability of its use. Controling the composition and structure of materials on the structural level of nano materials is conducive to give full potential performance of ceramic materials. In addition, because the particle size of ceramic material determines the microstructure and macroscopic properties of ceramic materials, if the particles of the powders are uniformly packed and the sintering shrinkage is uniform and the grain grows uniformly, then the smaller the particle size, the smaller the resulting defects, and the higher the strength of the prepared material, which may result in some unique performance that large particles do not have.   3. Nano Zinc Oxide in Other Areas         With the deepening understanding of the performance of nano Zinc Oxide, its applications continue to expand, for example, in the traditional coating technology, adding nano ZnO can further improve the protective capacity, making resistance to atmospheric damage and anti-degradation, color,etc.With a certain percentage of Zinc Oxide nanopowder added to the propionic acid coating, it can be made into excellent nano antibacterial coating. Making use of the sensitive properties of nano ZnO, can produce a high sensitivity gas alarm and hygrometer.         As a new type of semiconductor materials, Nano Zinc Oxide has become a new type of high-performance fine inorganic products in the 21st century. At present, researchers at home and abroad have developed a variety of methods to prepare various forms of nano zinc oxide products and achieve a lot. However, there are still some shortcomings such as high cost, complicated process and difficulty of industrialization in the preparation method. In addition, the research on the structure and application performance of nano ZnO is not deep, so the follow-up research will focus on the development of simple, high-efficient and easy industrial production methods. With the further study of the material structure on its optical, electrical, magnetic and acoustic properties, it is expected that with the continuous improvement of the preparation method of nano zinc oxide, the nano-size effect of nano-sized oxides, and the study will have a full-speed development stage.

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