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  • Platinum Black Catalyst Platinum Nanopowders

    Customized Metal Platinum Black Catalyst Platinum Nanopowders Platinum is one of noble metals, it is one of the best catalyst and antioxidants, nano platinum ( Pt ) with small particles size, strong, safe, stable, reliable, environmentally friendly, non-toxic, tasteless, harmless, can be widely used in biomedical, Catalytic industry, cosmetic etc. 1. Platinum Nanopowders for biomedical  Hydrogen and nano-platinum have a synergistic effect that can be used in conjunction with the treatment of oxidant stress disorders; Studies have shown that platinum nano particle-mediated photo-thermal effect in the treatment of bone metastases in nude mice can be a good inhibition of bone tumor growth and osteolytic bone destruction; Lactic acid bio-sensor based on nano - platinum black modification for rapid detection, etc.  2. Platinum Nanopowders as catalyst  Nano platinum are widely applied in catalyst part, Nano-platinum powder has excellent bio-catalytic activity, it can be applied to polymer hydrogenation, reduction and synthesis. Nano platinum also can be used as fuel cell catalyst, due to its high cost, due to its high cost, now some use nano nickle to replace the platinum, and some are looking for ways to improve nano platinum efficiency as catalyst in fuel cells to save cost. Last year Chinese researches have developed a superfine platinum nanowire catalyst on the surface of the zigzag, greatly increasing the surface activity and specific surface area of the fuel cell catalyst, increasing its overall catalytic activity by more than 50 times. 3. Platinum Nanopowders for cosmetics Platinum nanoparticles , due to its strong oxidation resistance Platinum can effectively remove free radicals in the human body. Play the anti-aging effect and at the same time to achieve whitening bright. Platinum Nanopowders can also be used for food preservative, car exhaust purification, etc. Nano platinum do have a lot of amazing functions, we cannot list its amazing functions one by one though.  If you're interstsed in Platinum Nanopowders, please feel free to contact us as more

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Nano Materials for Antibacterial Nano Materials for Antibacterial

The nano antibacterial material is treated with high-tech nanotechnology, so that it has a wider and superior antibacterial and bactericidal function, and the antibacterial long-term effect is improved by sustained release. Antibacterial mechanism of...


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  • Nano Silver Antibacterial Dispersion/Solution
    Nano Silver Antibacterial Dispersion/Solution
    [Description] Nano silver antibacterial  dispersion, nanometer silver solution, Colorless transparent nanometer silver antibacterial agent [size] 20 nm - 100 nm, or according to customer requirements [Solid Content] 300 ppm, 500-600 ppm, 1000 ppm, 2000 ppm, 5000 ppm, 10000 ppm, or according to customer's requirements [Properties] Good stability, antibacterial endurance, no resistance, no irritating smell, easy to use, potent antibacterial, non-toxic, etc. Broad-spectrum sterilization, in a few minutes it can kill more than 650 kinds of bacteria, which is fast and efficient, can rapidly combine with bacterial cell walls/film and make enzyme lose activity. [Application] 1. Articles for daily use: can be used for all kinds of textiles, clothing, bedding, clothing, underwear, socks, carpet, paper products, soap, facial mask and scrub supplies. 2. Chemical building materials: nano silver dispersion can be added to the waterborne paint, printing ink, paint, solid liquid paraffin, various kinds of organic solvent (inorganic), etc. 3. Medical and health care: medical rubber hose, medical gauze, women topical antibacterial medicines and health products. 4. Ceramic products: it can be used as nano silver antibacterial tableware, sanitary ware, etc. 5. Plastic products: silver nanoparticles can be added to the PE, PP, PC, PET, ABS etc. Various kinds of plastic products realize the antibacterial function. [Storage] Placed in a cool, dry place, storage period of five years.
  • Sale Star Nano Material high quality Carbon Nanohorns
    Sale Star Nano Material high quality Carbon Nanohorns
          Carbon nanohorn is a new allotrope of carbon found in recent years. It can be seen as a single layer of graphite, one end is an angular closed structure and the other end is an open structure. The diameter of the carbon nanowires is generally from 2 to 5 nanometers and the length is from several nanometers to tens of nanometers. The carbon nanowires usually aggregate into spherical aggregates of 50-100 nanometers in diameter, with one end of the pyramid pointing to the outside of the aggregate. The pyramidal hollow structure and the unique morphology of carbon nanohorn have great potential in catalyst carrier, fuel cell, lithium ion battery and drug transport carrier. Therefore, the synthesis and characterization of carbon nanohorn have become a hotspot in scientific research recent years. Carbon nanohorns CNHs have various important applications as below: (1) Adsorption and storage materials CNHs have a large specific surface area and high binding energy, can be used as a new type of adsorption materials, such as adsorption gas xenon and hydrogen, CNHs have two kinds of adsorption sites: the gap between the angle and the angle of the gap. The use of nitric acid to treat CNHs can increase the pore volume of the interior and the gap significantly and can be used to store supercritical methane. In addition, CNHs can also be used to adsorb liquids such as water, benzene and ethanol. (2) Catalyst carrier Unique structure of CNHs can enhance the durability of the catalyst. The Pd-CNHs can obtain the Pd-CNHs with an average size of 2.3 nm, and the gas phase reaction of H2-O2 and some liquid reaction, such as coupling reaction, which have good catalytic ability. The particle size of Pt particles synthesized by CNHs is only about 2 nm, and it has good dispersibility. Pt-CNHs as the electrode of fuel cell have very good activity and stability. (3) Drug carrier CNHs have a large specific surface area and numerous angular voids that can adsorb large amounts of molecules. Compared with CNTs, SWCNHs have smaller pore size and are suitable for adsorption of relatively small molecules. CNHs do not use metal catalysts to avoid cytotoxicity caused by metal impurities. CNHs are assembled into micron-like bundles or form spherical aggregates that enhance the permeability and retention of drugs under passive tumor targeting conditions, and tend to be enriched near tumor tissue to provide a higher resistance to tumor. (4) Electrochemical applications CNHs can be used as electrode materials in electrochemical sensors. CNHs modified glassy carbon electrode on the uric acid, dopamine and ascorbic acid and other good electrocatalytic performance; CNHs directly grown on the carbon fiber can be made of independent electrodes for lithium-ion batteries; through the opening of large size nano-window, CNHs can be built a high-capacitance supercapacitor in an organic solvent. (5) Other applications Tubular carbon material can absorb the light in the near infrared region so the cells can be killed by local photothermal therapy; CNHs and metal oxide composite materials can also be used for lithium ion battery anode material to improve the performance of the battery; and CNHs doped MgB2 will have magnetic properties, making it a new superconducting material. by Jemma  
  • Gold nanoparticles aqueous solution
    Factory directly sale Gold nanoparticles aqueous solution
    Gold nanoparticles, the particle size of 20 nm - 1 um all can be customized production, the purity of 99.99%, the appearance of the 20 nm are dark brown powder. Gold nanoparticles aqueous solution, using gold nanoparticles dispersed in water, forming stable homogeneous solution, the color is wine red, rather than the gold. Gold nanoparticles aqueous solution has the following features: 1. Appearance: wine red transparent liquid. 2. The particle size of 20 nm. 3. Non-toxic tasteless safe and reliable. 4. The concentration can be configured according to the requirements. 5. Efficient catalysis, removing free radicals effect, antibacterial antioxidant ability. Gold nanoparticles application: 1. The food, glass, the stain of the organism. 2. Analysis of DNA, used for the determination of genetic. 3. Used for invironmental purification products. 4. Used in food, cosmetics preservatives. 5. Added gold nanoparticles to the cosmetics it has the effect of whitening, anti-aging, skin moisten. 6. Production of antibacterial, bacteriostasis, counter drugs, medical devices, health supplies, beauty care equipment. Hongwu International Group Ltd with HW NANO brand is a leading nanomaterials company involved in all aspects of the business: manufacturing, research and development, processing, supplying and marketing of nanoscale. If you have a question about pricing, need a quote, would like to inquire about whether gold nanoparticles is in stock, or require any other assistance in placing an order, please call or e-mail us at  
  • Zinc Oxide Nanoparticle  / Nanopowders  (ZnO, 99.8%, 20-30 nm)
    Zinc Oxide Nanoparticle / Nanopowders (ZnO, 99.8%, 20-30 nm)
      Zinc Oxide Nanoparticles (ZnO) particle size: 20-30nm Zinc Oxide Nanoparticles (ZnO) purity: 99.8% Zinc Oxide Nanoparticles (ZnO) appearance color: white solid powder Zinc Oxide Nanoparticles (ZnO) Morphology: nearly spherical  Zinc Oxide Nanoparticles (ZnO) packing: 1kg per bag, 5kg per drum, 10kg per drum. Zinc Oxide Nanoparticles (ZnO) ralated nanomaterials: aluminum doped zinc oxide/zinc aluminum oxide/AZO;Zno nanowires   Zinc Oxide Nanoparticle Applied in Various Fields.           Compared with ordinary zinc oxide,besides the nature of ordinary ZnO, Nano ZnO has many other excellent performance. At present the main application areas are rubber products, high-grade paint, ink and paint, sunscreen and anti-ultraviolet fabric, sewage treatment,etc.   1. Nano Zinc Oxide in Rubber Industry         ZnO nanopowder is the most effective inorganic active agent and vulcanization accelerator in rubber industry.  Nano Zinc Oxide with small particle size, larege specific surface area, good dispersion, loose, porous, good liquidity and good affinity with rubber, easily dispersed whilc melting, low heat plastic material, breaking small deformation , good elasticity, can improve the material process performance and physical properties, thus it's used in the manufacture of high-speed wear-resistant rubber products, such as aircraft tires, high-class passenger car radial tire, with performance of anti-aging, anti-friction fire, long life, and greatly improves finish, mechanical strength, temperature and aging resistance of rubber products,especially wear resistance.  In addition, Zinc Oxide nano as a vulcanization system in the rubber system, whose additive is high.The large specific gravity and  filling amount of ordinary ZnO, whose influence on its material density, product life and energy consumption is detrimental. However, the use of Nano grade Zinc Oxide, the amountis only 30% -50% compared to the ordinary one,which reduces the cost of production, and the performance in the tensile properties, heat, aging, etc are far superior to ordinary zinc oxide powder.   2. Nano Zinc Oxide in Ceramic industry         Because of very small particle size, large specific surface area and high chemical properties,nano ZnO can significantly lower the sintering densification of materials, save energy, make the ceramic material composition densification, homogenization, improve the performance of ceramic materials, the reliability of its use. Controling the composition and structure of materials on the structural level of nano materials is conducive to give full potential performance of ceramic materials. In addition, because the particle size of ceramic material determines the microstructure and macroscopic properties of ceramic materials, if the particles of the powders are uniformly packed and the sintering shrinkage is uniform and the grain grows uniformly, then the smaller the particle size, the smaller the resulting defects, and the higher the strength of the prepared material, which may result in some unique performance that large particles do not have.   3. Nano Zinc Oxide in Other Areas         With the deepening understanding of the performance of nano Zinc Oxide, its applications continue to expand, for example, in the traditional coating technology, adding nano ZnO can further improve the protective capacity, making resistance to atmospheric damage and anti-degradation, color,etc.With a certain percentage of Zinc Oxide nanopowder added to the propionic acid coating, it can be made into excellent nano antibacterial coating. Making use of the sensitive properties of nano ZnO, can produce a high sensitivity gas alarm and hygrometer.         As a new type of semiconductor materials, Nano Zinc Oxide has become a new type of high-performance fine inorganic products in the 21st century. At present, researchers at home and abroad have developed a variety of methods to prepare various forms of nano zinc oxide products and achieve a lot. However, there are still some shortcomings such as high cost, complicated process and difficulty of industrialization in the preparation method. In addition, the research on the structure and application performance of nano ZnO is not deep, so the follow-up research will focus on the development of simple, high-efficient and easy industrial production methods. With the further study of the material structure on its optical, electrical, magnetic and acoustic properties, it is expected that with the continuous improvement of the preparation method of nano zinc oxide, the nano-size effect of nano-sized oxides, and the study will have a full-speed development stage.
  • silver nanowires dispersions
    Self-developed 30nm 50nm 70nm 100nm silver nanowires dispersions
    Self-developed 30nm 50nm 70nm 100nm silver nanowires dispersions from Hongwu Nanometer    Product Name  Silver Nanowires dispersions; AGNWs  Wire Diameter  20-40nm, 30-50nm, 50-70nm, 70-110nm, customized  Wire Length     10-30um, 20-60um  Molecular Weight  108  Solvent  Water, Ethanol, isopropanol, customized  concentration  mainly 10mg/ml(1%) or as needed Silver nanowire use: 1. Conductive material. such as touch screen, oleds, LCD touch screen, conductive ink, conductive adhesive, etc. 2. Optical material. Solar cells, flexible display, medical imaging, optical limiting devic, etc. 3. Antimicrobial material. Air and water purification, antibacterial film, food preservation,etc. 4. Others. Catalyst, sensors. Hongwu International Group Ltd is committed to provide high-quality silver nanowires(dry powder, wet powder and dispersions) with the most reasonable price for customers who are doing nanotech research and have formed a complete cycle of researching, manufacturing, marketing and after-sale servicing. The company’s products have been sold to many countries around the world. If you have a question about pricing, need a quote, would like to inquire about whether an item is in stock, or require any other assistance in placing an order, please call or e-mail us at
  • Factory wholesale good dispersed silver nanowire solutions(30nm 50nm 70nm 100nm)
    Factory wholesale good dispersed silver nanowire solutions(30nm 50nm 70nm 100nm)
    Factory wholesale good dispersed silver nanowire powder and solutions, the detailed spec as follows: 1. D 20-40nm  L 10-30um. 2. D 30-50nm  L 10-30um. 3. D 50-70nm  L 10-30um. 4. D 70-110nm L 20-60um. 5. Customized size.       We provide our customers:   Customized high quality silver nanowire in forms of powder, solution or dispersions   Batch production technolgoy and Volume competitive pricing   Reliable service   Technical assistance       Silver nanowires are silver gray, can be stored as a colloidal suspension in different solvents, such as water, ethanol, isopropanol, etc. Diameter ranges from 10 nanometers to hundreds of nanometers, and can be controlled.       Silver nanowires, due to its small size, large specific surface, has a good chemical properties, catalytic performance, antibacterial performance and excellent biocompatibility. Currently in optics, electronics, catalysis, information storage, medicine and energy silver nanowires have important applications. unlike silver particles, as in three-dimensional direction are in nanometer scale, the size effect, quantum effect and surface effect more apparent, and Silver particles can be widely used in conductive paste additives and catalyst. Silver nanowire, in addition to having traditional  electrical conductivity, ductility and tensile properties of silver particles,  have different electrical, optical features, can be added in a variety of products as additives for modifying material.  
  • Germanium powder price
    Inorganic nanomaterial pure Ge Germanium powder price
    Inorganic nanomaterial  pure Ge Germanium powder price         Hongwu International Group Ltd, with HWNANO brand, is a Nanotechnology Company manufacturing nanoparticles, such as metal nanoparticles, developing new nanomaterial based applications for the industry and supplying almost all kinds of nano-micro sized powders and more from worldwide-known companies. Name: Pure Germanium powder Alternate Name: metal germanium powder, Germanium nanoparticles, Germanium nanopowders, Element Ge nano powder. Formula: Ge Molecular Weight: 72.64 Cas No.: 7440-56-4 Particle size:50nm, 100nm, 200nm, 400nm, ...,customized Purity: 99.999%,...,customized Appearance color: grey to brown solid powder packing:10g,50g,100g,500g,1kg in vacuum or as needed       At HW NANO, we do more than manufacture high-quality, ultrafine pure germanium powders to customer specifications.        We offer a highly diverse range of powder grades with average grain sizes from approx. 50nm to 1um. We provide technical support in the selection of the powders suitable for specific applications and for questions regarding process optimization.         Our commitment to quality and customer service have established us a leader in the international Germanium market.  We work with our customers to make their finished products better by fine tuning their specifications to achieve the best possible results.        If you are interested in nano germanium powder, we would like to hear from you.
  • Silver nanoparticles use in polymer composite materials
    Silver nanoparticles use in polymer composite materials
          Nano silver/polymer composite materials, as an important member of the composite materials, with its excellent physical and chemical properties, has got fast development in terms of effective antibacterial sterilization. Small particle size,large specific surface area and more surface activity center number, silver nanoparticles is playing an role of the high catalytic activity and selectivity, and polymer material can prevent reunion of silver nanoparticles and keep long-term stability.       Nano silver/polymer composite materials can become excellent antibacterial materials, the main reasons are as follows: 1. After the nano silver is composited to polymer,the material is more stable, silver ions loss is slower, duration is longer, bacteriostasis effect is more lasting. 2. The specific surface area of silver nanoparticles is big, and can touch the microbes to a greater availability,therefore, sterilization rate is higher. 3. Non-toxic to human body but can efficiently kill microorganisms, and won't become resistant. 4. Some of the polymer itself has antibacterial, after being composited synergies produces, bacteriostatic effect is better.       the polymer compositing nano silver should have the features in below: 1. Stable physical and chemical properties, can be used as a bearing base of silver nanoparticles. 2. Do not react with silver nanoparticles, nano silver antibacterial properties will not be lowered. 3. Some of the polymer itself has antibacterial property, which can enhance the bacteriostatic effect of material.       Polymers commonly used as composite include polyethylene oxide PEO,  polyaniline PAn, Polyrhodanine, cellulose,  polypyrrole PPy,  poly dopamine PDA and so on. These are the quite ideal composite materials with silver, can improve the effect of antibacterial material.       The polymer price is cheaper, has a wide source, so nano silver/polyer composite cost is reduced, and the bacteriostatic effect enhance, it will become an important trend of future research.       Based on the above reasons,in medicine, nano silver/polymer composite materials are used in a bandage, dentist, catheters, etc., in maritime, silver nanoparticles/polymer composite materials is used in ship manufacturing, in life, it is used in the water, clothing, baby supplies, and other fields.Predictably, the future life will be is closely related to nano silver/polymer composite materials.       Hongwu International Group Ltd is committed to provide high-quality silver nanoparticles with the most reasonable price for customers who are doing nanotech research and have formed a complete cycle of researching, manufacturing, marketing and after-sale servicing. The company’s silver nanoparticles have been sold to many countries around the world. if you have any request about silver particles, please feel free to contact us at
  • IrO2, 20-30nm, 99.99% Iridium(IV) oxide nanoparticles
    IrO2, 20-30nm, 99.99% Iridium(IV) oxide nanoparticles
          Hongwu International Group Ltd is a high-tech enterprise focusing on research and development of nanomaterials. We have cooperated closely and steadily with well-known research universities, national laboratories and innovative corporate giants. our nanoparticles are all is available with small quantity for researchers and bulk order for industry groups.  Product Name: Iridium(IV) oxide nanoparticles Synonyms For: Iridium dioxide Formula: IrO2 Molecular weight:224.22 CAS No.: 12030-49-8 Particle size: 20-30nm, and customized for other sizes. Purity: 99.99% Application: Chemical catalyst;  Appearance: as shown in the figure We can not only manufacture precious metal oxide nanoparticle, but also precious metal nanoparticles.
  • RuO2, 20-30nm,99.99% Ruthenium(IV) oxide nanoparticles
    RuO2, 20-30nm,99.99% Ruthenium(IV) oxide nanoparticles
    Product Name: Ruthenium(IV) oxide nanoparticles Synonyms For: Ruthenium dioxide Formula: RuO2 Molecular weight:133.07 CAS No.: 12036-10-1 Particle size: 20-30nm, and customized for other sizes. Purity: 99.99% Application: Chemical catalyst; Ruthenium dioxide nanoparticles is an important raw material of producing resistors and capacitors. Order qty: It is available with small quantity for researchers and bulk order for industry groups.  Appearance: as shown in the figure
  • Antimicrobial nanoparticles Ag silver nanopowder dispersion
    Antimicrobial nanoparticles Ag silver nanopowder dispersion
    Antimicrobial nanoparticles Ag silver nanopowder dispersion   1. Who are we? We, Hongwu Nanometer, In Business since 2002, are offering different shape & size Nanoparticles, Nanopowders, Nanowires, Micropowder, Surface Coating, Dispersion and Innovative silver nanomaterials. Full Consultancy Services. and we specialize in fabricating a wide variety of custom nanomaterials for academic and industrial customers for ag silver nanopowder/nanoparticles.   2. Why Buy silver nanopowder/dispersions from Us? Customization, Guaranteed to meet specification Supply Powder & dispersions & solutions & liquid Surface coating, pvp or oleic acid Narrow size distributions and no aggregation TEM, SEM, COA and MSDS    3. Silver Nanopowder Applications Silver nanopowders are one of the most commonly utilized antimicobial nanoparticles due to their antimicrobial properties, high electrical conductivity, and optical properties. Silver nanopowder serve as an inorganic antibacterial powder and play a critical role in the suppression and killing of various pathogenic microorganisms such as Staphylococcus auras, Escherichia coli, etc. The product is durable, has a non-oxidized black appearance, and exhibits many other properties. It can be used in household, medical, and health care supplies,most wide used as textile auxiliary agent. The colloidal silver is capable of disinfecting water through sterilization.  
  • Black color silver nanomaterials silver nanoparticles in clothing
    Black color silver nanomaterials silver nanoparticles in clothing
    Black color silver nanomaterials silver nanoparticles in clothing   Nano material name: Silver nanoparticles Particle size: 20nm, 50nm,80nm,100nm. larger size are all available Purity: 99.99% Shape: Spherical You can get nano silver dispersion/solution/liquid in deionized water, or as needed.       Applications of silver nanoparticles in Coatings: adding a small amount of nano silver in the paint, it has antibacterial properties have practical significance. Because of surface effects , which is 200 times more antibacterial micron silver particles have antibacterial properties of silver ions is much greater than conventional bactericides. Our Service: 1. We provide life-long after sale service for silver nanomaterial. 2. We closely cooperate  with experienced transportation agent, shipping companies/air lines (Like DHL, Fedex, TNT, EMS) to ensure the shortest shipping time at the latest available freight.  3. All enquiries and  requests about our product silver nanoparticles will be replied within 24 hours except weekends and public holidays of China. 4. All problems faced by our customers will be taken and solved promptly. 5. We purchase designated products and transport agent service for VIP customer, charging a percentage commission fees according to the actual situation.      
  • Pure silver metal powder, Buy antimicrobial silver nanoparticles
    Pure silver metal powder, Buy antimicrobial silver nanoparticles
    Pure silver metal powder, Buy antimicrobial silver nanoparticles              A reputation of quality since 2002 for silver nanoparticles from Hongwu Nanometer. contact us now if you want buy antimicrobial nanomaterial! 1. S tock#: A110, 20nm, 99.99%, spherical, 2. Stock#: A112, 30-50nm, 99.99%, spherical 3. Stock#: A113, 50-80nm, 99.99%, spherical 4. Customized pure silver metal powder as per your required. 5. Packaging detail: 25g, 50g, 100g, 500g, 1kg in special bags.       Silver nanoparticle has strong suppression and killing effects to Escherichia coli, staphylococcus aureus and dozens of pathogenic microorganism. As a brand new anti-infection product, it is different from all anti-infection medicine in the market, it features broad spectrum, no medicine tolerance, impregnability of PH value. Coatings with addictives of Ni, Ag nanopowder can also protect the cultural relic.       Antibacterial ceramic is a new functional materials, materials in ceramics , particularly inorganic antimicrobial agent silver nanoparticles in ceramic glaze is made , and the production process , technical performance ceramics for daily use micro structure effects , the performance indicators are in line with national quality standards ceramics for daily use.       Antimicrobial coating, ceramics and glass/TIO2 antibacterial Nano silvercoating, silicone coated with nanometer silver antibacterial tiles,/TIO2silver particles antibacterial glass.
  • Wholesale nano ITO indium tin oxide powder from china factory
    Wholesale nano ITO indium tin oxide powder from china factory
           Nano ITO indium tin powder is a new kind of high-functional inorganic material with a size of 1-100nm which is oriented to the 21st century. Because of miniaturization of crystal grains,its surface electronic structure and crystal structure change, resulting in a surface effect, volume effect, quantum size effect and the macro-tunnel effect and high transparency, high dispersion and so on that a macroscopic object does not have. In the aspects of photoelectric sensitivity, nano ITO has the special properties and new uses that the ordinary indium tin oxide can not match, such as used as stealth materials, solar collector materials and collectors ect.         Nano ITO indium tin oxide powder is an excellent semiconducting material that with outstanding properties, which is widely used in conductive shell, gas sensor, photodetector, liquid crystal display and so on. In recent years, nano powder preparation technology continues to develop and improve, but the nanopowder has a high active surface, the surface hanging a lot of free radicals, so when adding some other matrix materials in nano powder, it is easily to lead to the formation of large particles of nano particles agglomeration, which play a significant impact on the properties’ performance of optical, electrical, magnetic and other aspects. Therefore, it is very important to disperse the powders well before using, which can help the ITO particles achieve the best properties.         Taken the ITO powder as raw material, through a certain process to prepare ITO powders into a ITO rods, also known as ITO target (ITO ceramic target). With the ITO target, it can be further to manufacture TIO transparent conductive film glass. The main component of ITO film is indium tin oxide. In the case of a thickness of only a few thousand angstroms, indium oxide is with high transmittance and tin oxide has conductive ability. Liquid crystal display used in ITO glass is a high transmittance of conductive glass. by Jemma  
  • High purity 99.99% CustomizableTin Oxide SnO2 Nanopowders
    High purity 99.99% CustomizableTin Oxide SnO2 Nanopowders
          The era of nanomaterials has attracted the attention of all fields. With the deepening of the research and the further excavation of material properties, the application of nanomaterials becomes more and more extensive. Nano-tin dioxide is an important nano-application materials, which can show unique optical properties and electrical properties after the doping treatment so that it has widely practical use in the electronic technology, medicine, research and other field.       Tin Oxide SnO2 Nanopowders has various characteristics that mainly perform in the optical and electrical aspects, and occupy an irreplaceable position in practical applications. Only by being fully understood and mastered these qualities can it be promoted reform and development in various fields.       The optical properties of nanometer tin oxide are changed by doping other characteristic materials to form new compounds. Tin Oxide SnO2 Nanopowders has good permeability on the visible light and good chemical stability even in the solution as well as good conductivity and can reflect the infrared radiation. Because the SnO2 has small size effect and surface effect, which makes it has significant change in such aspects of light electric magnetic. It is often made into nanometer sensor material. One of the more mature technology applications, mainly solar cells, optoelectronic devices, infrared detection and protection, liquid crystal display. The mature technologies of nano SnO2 mainly focus on solar cells, optoelectronic devices, anti-infrared detection and protection, liquid crystal display.       What’s more, Tin Oxide SnO2 Nanopowders is also a good transparent conductive material. In practice, it is usually heated to the required temperature, and then made into nano-materials or devices, with a strong sensitivity applied in the production of optical display devices and transparent electrode production, which has a strong practical significance.       All in all, in the application of nano materials, SnO2 occupies a very important position that have been more widely used in science, medicine, biotechnology, aerospace and other fields. With the depth of research, its application prospects will get wider and wider. Nano SnO2 doping some substances can significantly enhance its optical properties and electrical properties. Progress of science and technology have viewed that features nano SnO2 will continue to be excavated and it will have a broader application space in near future.       Hongwu International Group Ltd is committed to provide high-quality Tin Dioxide Sno2 Powder(20nm, 30nm,50nm, 80nm, size customization) with the most reasonable price for customers who are doing nanotech research and have formed a complete cycle of researching, manufacturing, marketing and after-sale servicing. The company’s products have been sold to many countries around the world. Welcome cooperation. by Jemma

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