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About a greener recipe -------copper nanowires

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About a greener recipe -------copper nanowires

  • June 11,2015.

About a greener recipe -------copper nanowires

Indium tin oxide (ITO) is the most widely used transparent conductor in today’s consumer technology, featuring in solar cells, touch screens and LED displays.

However, alternatives are being sought due to the high cost and finite supply of indium. Films made from silver or copper nanowires are promising candidates, exhibiting high conductivity and optical transparency in addition to being flexible.

Copper nanowires are typically synthesised by the reduction of Cu2+ in solution to its metal form using the highly toxic and dangerously unstable compound, hydrazine. These copper nano wires can then be incorporated into an ink for the roll-to-roll printing of transparent conductors.

Recently sugar has been used to reduce Cu2+ in solution yielding extremely high aspect ratio copper nanowires via a non-toxic route, though their inherent length and flexibility leads to entanglement and agglomeration, precluding their use in liquid inks.

Copper nanowires are attractive as copper is 100 times cheaper than silver and 1000 times more abundant,this economic synthesis is a big step towards their widespread use in the transparent conductor industry

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