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Factory wholesale good dispersed silver nanowire solutions(30nm 50nm 70nm 100nm)


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Some nanomaterials for Thermochromic Application Some nanomaterials for Thermochromic Application

Thermochromism refers to the phenomenon where a material undergoes color changes under temperature changes. This change is usually caused by changes in the electronic or molecular structure of the material. Its application principle mainly involves t...

Factory wholesale good dispersed silver nanowire solutions(30nm 50nm 70nm 100nm)

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Factory wholesale good dispersed silver nanowire powder and solutions, the detailed spec as follows:

1. D 20-40nm  L 10-30um.

2. D 30-50nm  L 10-30um.
3. D 50-70nm  L 10-30um.
4. D 70-110nm L 20-60um.
5. Customized size.

      We provide our customers:

  Customized high quality silver nanowire in forms of powder, solution or dispersions

  Batch production technolgoy and Volume competitive pricing

  Reliable service

  Technical assistance

      Silver nanowires are silver gray, can be stored as a colloidal suspension in different solvents, such as water, ethanol, isopropanol, etc. Diameter ranges from 10 nanometers to hundreds of nanometers, and can be controlled.

      Silver nanowires, due to its small size, large specific surface, has a good chemical properties, catalytic performance, antibacterial performance and excellent biocompatibility. Currently in optics, electronics, catalysis, information storage, medicine and energy silver nanowires have important applications. unlike silver particles, as in three-dimensional direction are in nanometer scale, the size effect, quantum effect and surface effect more apparent, and Silver particles can be widely used in conductive paste additives and catalyst. Silver nanowire, in addition to having traditional  electrical conductivity, ductility and tensile properties of silver particles,  have different electrical, optical features, can be added in a variety of products as additives for modifying material.

 wholesale silver nanowire

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Customization Service of Nanoparticles

 About Nanoparticles & Nanopowders Customization     Hongwu International has a multi-disciplinary team of engineers with backgrounds in chemistry, physics and engineering, and committed to providing quality nanoparticles along with the answers to customer’s questions, concerns and comments. We always looking for ways to better our business and improve our product lines to meet the changing customer demands.   1. Size:     Our main focus is on the nanometer scale powder and particles. We stock a wide range of particle sizes for 10nm to 10um, and can also fabricate additional sizes on demand.   2. Metal alloy nanoparticles:     We can product most metal alloy nanoparticles on the basis of element cu, al, si, zn, ag, ti, ni, co, sn, cr, fe, mg, w, mo, bi, sb, pd, pt, p, se, te, etc. the element ratio is adjustable, and binary and ternary alloy are both available.   3. Surface modification and dispersion:     We can fabricate nanomaterials with specific functional groups especially in carbon family nanoparticles. conversion of hydrophobic nanomaterials to water soluble. we can modify our standard products or develop new nanomaterials to meet your needs.   4. Application:     Ours nanoparticles are being applied by industrial, military and academic laboratories for the development of new products in the areas of electronics, energy generation and storage, fuel cells, optics, biomedical, and life sciences. The applications of our products in the rapid vast expansion of the nanotechnology market is in a state of dynamic evolution.    Contact us to begin discussing how we can develop a nanomaterial for your needs.

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