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Metal powder, oxide and carbon nanotube, which is high effective conductive material?

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Metal powder, oxide and carbon nanotube, which is high effective conductive material?

  • April 16,2021.

There are many inorganic nano conductive materials, such as carbon series powder(nano graphene, carbon nanotube), metal powder(silver powder, silver nanowires copper powder, copper nanowires, silver coated copper powder, nickel powder, etc) and oxide powder(nano ato powder, azo powder,sno2 powder, etc). The specific selection of a conductive material is according to the customer's matrix material.

1. Carbon nanotubes

Carbon nanotubes have unique electrical conductivity, high thermal stability and intrinsic mobility. CNTs have high crystallinity, large specific surface area, and micropore size can be controlled by the synthesis process, and the specific surface utilization rate can reach 100%, which make CNTs as ideal electrode material for supercapacitors.

Because single-walled carbon nanotubes have the largest specific surface area and good conductivity. Electrodes made of carbon nanotubes can significantly increase the capacitance of electric double layer capacitors.

Hongwu Nano supplies single-walled carbon tubes, double-walled carbon tubes, multi-walled carbon tubes (long tubes, short tubes, hydroxylated, carboxylated carbon tubes, highly conductive carbon tubes, nickel plated carbon tubes, soluble carbon nanotubes ). Various diameters and lengths are available.

2. Ultra fine metal powder, such as silver powder has the best electrical conductivity, stable chemical properties, and strong corrosion resistance.

Throughout Hongwu Nano's years of production and sales experience and customer feedback, the conductive effect of silver powder is the most ideal. Among them, spherical and  flake silver powder is the main raw material for conductive coatings, membrane switches, conductive inks, conductive rubber, plastics and ceramics. Flake silver powder is an ideal raw material for polymer slurry, conductive paint and electromagnetic shielding paint. The coating prepared with flake silver powder has good fluidity, anti-settling and large spray area.

3. Nano oxide powder, such as nano ATO Antimony Doped Tin Oxide Nanoparticles

Nano ATO is considered as the most cost-effective material for electrical conductivity and heat insulation. Nano Antimony Doped Tin Oxide (ATO) is blue and with high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, and good dispersion. Nano ATO is a kind of semiconductor material. Compared with traditional antistatic materials, ATO nano conductive powder has obvious advantages, mainly in good conductivity, light color transparency, good weather resistance and stability, and low infrared emissivity. It is a new type of multifunctional conductive material with great development potential.

Composite conductive filler is a kind of cheap and light material as the base or core material, whose surface is coated with one or several layers of conductive materials with good chemical stability, strong corrosion resistance and high conductivity.

The development of high technology increasingly requires a variety of different conductive materials. Hongwu Nano’s engineers have been actively developing and researching various conductive materials with good conductivity and cost-effectiveness. The types and production processes are constantly developing, and the scale of production is also keeping expanding. The practical functions of nano conductive powders are motivated in the direction of diversification, new-type, high-grade and added value.

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