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Thermochromic Ultrafine Nano VO2 powder for smart window


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Thermochromic Ultrafine Nano VO2 powder for smart window

Nano VO2 intelligent temperature control material can automatically adjust the transmission and reflection characteristics of light wave with the change of environment temperature, so it can be used as intelligent window glass for indoor temperature regulation and building energy saving.

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A reliable supplier and manufacturer of nano VO2 powder Vanadium dioxide in china.

Particle size 100-200nm, 99.9%.

We can provide to you SEM, XRD, COA, packing of the material. please fell free to contact us.

Every order that we process reflects the care and quality that has been the cornerstone of our continued growth. 

Nano VO2 powder Vanadium dioxide material exhibits a unique reversible phase transition of metal insulator, which will lead to sudden changes in the electrical, magnetic and optical properties of VO2, such as the sudden changes in its resistivity and infrared transmittance during the phase transition. Therefore, it has a great prospect in phase transition storage and "smart window" applications.But the critical temperature of this phase transition, at 68 degrees, is still relatively high for practical use. Therefore, it has been a hot research topic to regulate the phase transition process of vanadium dioxide and reduce the phase transition temperature.

Based on the continuous polymorphic phase transition of vanadium dioxide driven by hydrogen atom doping, researchers at the university of science and technology of China (ustc) realized the electric field-induced three-state phase transition process based on solid electrolyte in VO2 thin films.The results show that electron doped concentration (hydrogen doped concentration) in VO2 can be reversibly regulated by applying very small positive and negative bias at room temperature, thus achieving phase transition between electron-doped metal state and electron-doped insulated state.

The electron-doped VO2 film modulates 26.5 percent of the infrared light in the solar spectrum and has a transmittance of more than 70 percent.

This result surpasses the previous experimental results of thermochromic and electrochromic smart Windows, and even breaks through the theoretical limit of infrared control ability of traditional thermochromic smart Windows, and greatly improves the application possibility of "smart Windows" based on vanadium dioxide. An invention patent has been applied.

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