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Pure phrase M VO2 Vanadium oxide Nanoparticles for optical thin film


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Metal powder, oxide and carbon nanotube, which is high effective conductive material? Metal powder, oxide and carbon nanotube, which is high effective conductive material?

There are many inorganic nano conductive materials, such as carbon series powder(nano graphene, carbon nanotube), metal powder(silver powder, silver nanowires copper powder, copper nanowires, silver coated copper powder, nickel powder, etc) and oxide...

Pure phrase M VO2 Vanadium oxide Nanoparticles for optical thin film

HWNANOMATERIAL is supplying pure phrase M VO2 vanadium oxide nanoparticles, contact us for detailed product data.

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pPoduct Details

Name: Vanadium dioxide, vanadium (IV) oxide
CAS: 12036-21-4
Molecular formula: VO2
Molecular weight: 82.94
Model: P501
Appearance: black powder
Crystalline phases: M phase pure phase
Size: 100-200 nm
Purity: 99.9%
Packing: 100g, 500g, 1kg, vacuum packing

Vanadium dioxide is a thermochromic material, pure vanadium dioxide phase transition temperature of 68℃.By doping tungsten, the phase transition temperature can be reduced to room temperature.68℃ dropped to near 20℃.

Vanadium dioxide nanoparticles is a kind of metal oxide with the property of phase change. Its phase change temperature is 68℃. The change of structure before and after the phase change leads to the reversible transformation of infrared light from transmission to reflection. According to this characteristic, it is applied in the field of preparing intelligent temperature control films. 

Vanadium oxide nanoparticles is distinguished in the material world by its rapid and abrupt phase transition,the conductive properties of vanadium dioxide make it have a wide range of potential applications in optical devices, electronic devices and optoelectronic devices.

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W-VO2 nano
Tungsten Doped Vanadium Dioxide Nanopowder W doped VO2 Nano Particle W-VO2 Nano

Besides pure monoclinic phase vanadium dioxide nanopowder, tungsten doped vanadium dioxide(W-VO2) nanoparticle can be customized also, to lower the phase-transition temperature.

nano vanadium dioxide
Infrared Radiation Detector Used Vanadium Dioxide Nanopowder Phase Change Material Nano VO2

Nano Vanadium oxide material has a high temperature coefficient of resistance and photothermal effect, and has potential application prospects in infrared detection. Phase change material nano VO2 is an excellent heat-sensitive material. Pure monoclinic Vanadium(IV) oxide nanoparticle is available.

Nano VO2
Phase Change Materials Nano VO2 Vanadium Dioxide Nanoparticles

Vanadium dioxide Nanoparticles is a good phase change material, which can be doped with tungsten to prepare intelligent photochromic film materials.

Vanadium dioxide nanopowder
M phrase Vanadium Dioxide Nanopowder 100-200nm Vanadium(IV) oxide VO2 Particle

VO2 is a metal oxide with phase change properties,100-200nm,99.9%.

Thermochromic Ultrafine Nano VO2 powder
Thermochromic Ultrafine Nano VO2 powder for smart window

Nano VO2 intelligent temperature control material can automatically adjust the transmission and reflection characteristics of light wave with the change of environment temperature, so it can be used as intelligent window glass for indoor temperature regulation and building energy saving.

Nano Vanadium Dioxide for electronics
Revolutionary material Nano Vanadium Dioxide for electronics

Nano Vanadium dioxide: revolutionary material for electronics. HWNANO VO2 Vanadium dioxide nanoparticles are available with small quantity for researchers and bulk order for industry groups.

VO2 nano powder
Pure Monoclinic Phase Vanadium Dioxide Powder M-Phase VO2 Nano Particle

Pure Monoclinic Phase Vanadium Dioxide Powder is supplied by Hongwu Nano with the size of 100-200nm.  M-Phase VO2 Nano Particle is a good metal oxide with phase transition properties. Tungsten doped vanadium dioxide nano powder can be customized also.

Tungsten doped vanadium dioxide
Nanopowder stock 1/1.5/2%W Doped VO2, Tungsten doped vanadium dioxide nanoparticles

The metal-semiconductor phase transition temperature of vanadium dioxide can be reduced to room temperature or lower by tungsten doping. Tungsten-doped vanadium dioxide nanoparticles blend coating can show thermochromic properties at room temperature.  Its potential application value includes dimming film of buildings, thermistor materials, photoelectric switching materials, infrared imaging elements.

W-doped VO2
Nano Vanadium Dioxide Doped with Tungsten with 30 degree phase transition tempereture W doped VO2

Nano Vanadium Dioxide Doped with Tungsten particle can be customized. The phase transition tempereture of W doped VO2 nanopowder can adjusted to room teperature, which would help tungesten doped VO2 nanopowder widely used for smart films.

Large SSA ceramic grade MGO Magnesium Oxide nanopowders
Large SSA ceramic grade MGO Magnesium Oxide nanopowders

Large SSA ceramic grade MGO Magnesium Oxide nanopowders   R652: Magnesium Oxide NanoPowder(MgO), 20-30nm, 99.9%, white solid powder.   Application of MGO Magnesium Oxide nanopowders in ceramic field 1. Preparation of ceramic capacitor dielectric material. The grain size of the obtained ceramic can be controlled within the range of 1000nm, with small dielectric loss, good material uniformity, which is suitable for the production of  multilayer ceramic capacitor with large-capacity, high insulation resistance, ultra-thin dielectric layer (dielectric layer is less than 10um). The addition amount is about 0.5%-5%. 2. Nano-ceramic powder, made of nano magnesium oxide, nano silica, nano alumina, nano zinc oxide and other powders, among which, nano magnesium oxide is 0.5%-4.0%, and the obtained nano ceramic powder having a far-infrared radiation, antibacterial, activated water, purified water, the dissolution of trace elements which are beneficial to human health, release of negative ions, improve seed germination rate and other healthy functions. It can be widely used in various ceramic products, environmental protection, textiles, drinking water treatment, equipment and containers such as alcohol and tobacco industries. 3. Sintered with nano Alumina( nano Al2O3), titanium dioxide(TiO2) and other together, obtaining nanocomposite ceramic additives can take place of precious metals Nickel/Ni to produce heat-resisting steel alternative. Wherein the amount of nano-magnesium oxide is 5%-18%. 4. Nanocrystalline composite ceramics makes use of nano titanium dioxide(TiO2), MGO Magnesium Oxide nanopowders, nano rare earth oxides and zirconium dioxide(ZrO2) as part of the additives, and successfully increased the content of Amorphous ZrO2 to 10-30wt%, and obtained a high zirconium Al2O3 -SiO2-ZrO2 ceramics, nanocrystalline composite ceramics, and crystal phase content is more than 90%, the main phase is mullite, cristobalite and tetragonal zirconia, tetragonal zirconia grains dispersed in which size is ≤1μm. Through this method, the properties of the materials are superior to that of conventional methods for preparing the same material. The hardness increased by 30%, the toughness increased by 6%, and the strength increased by 40%. 5. The glass ceramic coating,composed of MGO Magnesium Oxide nanopowders, nano silica(SiO2), boron oxide, nano alumina(Al2O3), cerium oxide nanoparticles, can effectively improve the mechanical strength of the catalyst, including abrasion resistance, hardness, compressive strength and impact resistance; and enhance active centers of the catalyst, thereby increasing the activity of the catalyst, saving the active ingredient and reducing costs. It is mainly used in diesel and gasoline engine for exhaust gas purification treatment processors. Wherein the amount of nano magnesium oxide(MgO) is 5%-18%. 6. Preparation of high toughness ceramic materials, using nano magnesium oxide(MgO) and yttrium oxide(Y2O3) or rare earth oxide as nano composite stabilizer to produce partially stabilized zirconia ceramics with excellent mechanical properties and resistence of high-temperature aging. The ceramic material can be widely used in high-temperature engineering components and advanced refractories. 7. As auxiliary components of the anti-reducing dielectric ceramic material. The addition amount is 0.001%-10mol% 8. As single-side carbon dioxide gas shielding arc welding ceramic plate material. Its addition amount of nano MgO is 1-10 wt% 9. The glass ceramics, nano silica(SiO2), nano titanium dioxide(TiO2), nano alumina(Al2O3), nano magnesium oxide(MgO) sintered glass ceramics can be processed by the float glass method to be transparent, especially for thin film semiconductor substrate, specifically applicable to the display and solar cell. Wherein the amount of nano magnesium oxide(MgO) is 6%-20%. by Corrine    

Cosmetic gold nanopowders
Superfine Au Gold Nanopowders for Cosmetic Use

Au Gold nanopowders for cosmetic emulsion technology and  sunscreen use.

Nano gold catalyst
Nano Gold Au Particles used as Nano gold catalyst

The maximum application of nano gold powder that is the nano-gold catalyst,20-30nm, 99.95%.

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