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What is the nano graphene

  • May 26,2015.
Nano graphene is a single layer of carbon atoms, arranged in honeycomb lattice to form a bidimensional monocrystal. Each graphene sheet has a thickness of one atom, it can extend laterally for hundreds of microns. Nano graphene is the thinnest material existing in nature. Although with one atom thick, the sheets are robust and stable in air, further more, they can be processed mechanically, dissolved in solvents and deposited on different substrates.

A single sheet of nano graphene has a typical charge mobility of 15000 cm2V-1s-1 (10 times better than silicon), a Young modulus of 1000 GPa (5 times better than steel), a thermal conductivity of 5000 WmK-1 (10 times better than copper). Nano graphene shows ballistic transport of electrons at room temperature, tunable hole or electron transport, quantum Hall effect, weak dependence of mobility on temperature. In addition, it can be produced, processed and chemically functional in organic or aqueous solvents.

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